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Professional hand sharpening and repair of scissors for the beauty and hair business. We provide replacement parts we have a large selection of parts such as washers, bumpers, finger rest, and inserts.

Call today to have us repair your scissors in a timely and affordable manner. Emergency 24 hour service is available to the Central/Southern NJ & Philadelphia area. Please Call or Text with pick up and contact information.

Test your scissors… Take apart a tissue… Using one ply, Spray with water bottle. No fingers in the scissors and cut through the wet tissue ply. Should cut clean and not pull. Do a couple times. Make sure your tension is correct.
Most scissors if not properly serviced or maintained will not pass this simple test.
Call in a reputable hand sharpener do this test after they service your scissors to be certain.

Are your scissors folding rather than cutting hair? Do they feel hard to use to such an extent that you feel numbness/tingling or pain in your wrist area after using them? It may be that they require professional scissor sharpening and servicing. However, there are four simple things that you can try to improve scissor performance.

Tension adjustment of your scissors.
Oiling your scissors.
Use of Chamois.
Use an alcohol based cleaning liquid such as Isopropyl alcohol.

Tension adjustment of your scissors

During use, most scissors will lose their ideal tension setting. Too loose, and your scissors will fold rather than cut hair. 80% of hairdressers keep their scissors like this. Too tight, and your scissors will tend to push or slide the hair out toward the tips rather than cut.

If scissors are not adjusted correctly stylists will have to use more force than necessary in order to make the scissor cut. This results in rapid blade wear and poor scissor performance. It can also lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or other repetitive strain injuries (RSI).
How to adjust your scissors

Clean your scissors with an alcohol based liquid such as acetone or white spirit. Hold your scissors by the thumb ring in your left hand – let the scissor point straight up in the air at 12 O’clock.

Adjusting your scissors

With your right hand take the finger ring and open the blades so they are open 35-45 degrees. Now let go of the ring/blade in your right hand so the scissor closes by itself.

When the blade comes to rest there should be a gap between the two tips of approx 2″.

If the tips come together completely the scissor is too loose. They need a little tightening which is clockwise tightening of the screw. If the tips are too far apart from each other, loosen the scissor screw until adjusted correctly.
Oiling your scissors

It is important to oil your scissors on a regular basis. Oil keeps the scissor clean by leading hair and dirt backwards, past the screw.

Oiling your scissors

If not oiled, hair and dirt may build up under the screw mechanism interfering with the tension setting. Stylists may have to use more force than necessary in order to make the scissor cut. This results in rapid blade wear and poor scissor performance.

It only takes a moment to oil your scissors; open the scissor completely and drop oil between the blades around the screw area. Occasionally it maybe necessary to loosen the scissors and clean ensure the scissors are dried and oiled immediately
Use of Chamois

A chamois is used on scissors in the same way that barbers use a leather strop on razors to prepare the cutting edge before use.

Use of chamois

Firstly, wipe the blades with a paper towel to remove most of the hair and dirt. Then wipe the outside of the blade with the chamois 2-3 times. Be careful not to cut into chamois (or your hands) with the scissors.

Wipe the inside of the blade once with the chamois. This procedure is done best by placing the chamois flat in the palm of the left hand.

When the scissor is done on both blades it may have to be adjusted for tension again.
Use an alcohol based cleaning liquid such as Isopropyl alcohol

Many hair products on the market contain silicone and other ingredients that may hinder the cutting performance of scissors if not completely removed. These products leave a thin layer on your scissors, effectively dulling the blades, and lead to diminished cut performance.

To remove these products from your scissors it is necessary to clean the blades with an alcohol based solvent, such as Acetone (nail varnish remover). Simply add some to a paper towel and wipe blades thoroughly.

 The goal is to help educate.

Many Beauty Schools don’t spend much time if any on scissor design and quality. They send students out in the field with scissors from their student kit.

15 to 20k to attend cosmetology school the least they could do is supply better quality scissor and give a hour or two on the most important tool in these kits.

Posture, working around the chair and holding your tools. How different scissor handle designs give better comfort working different length hair.

I love watching European trained stylist work and command the hair, using the mirror, standing straight while engaging with their client. The hair just falls into place. I sharpen at some Toni and Guy Salons and Franchises with stylists direct from England, it’s like watching a Symphony.

My career background since 1985 is salon design and equipment. Working for companies like CB Sullivan Co of NH (now Salon Centrics) Salon Interiors of Hackensack NJ and Schoeneman Beauty Supply for over 13 years, (now Cosmoprof/BSG).

I received Salon of the Year mention 1989 working at CB Sullivan Co for the Andrew Mark Salon in the Old Port Section of Portland Maine furnishing the salon seating.

My Dad designed and manufactured salon furnishings since the 1950’s.

This business is in my DNA.

I started scissor sharpening and trained under the founder of the National Scissor Sharpening Guild, Jack Fleuridas.

Jack sold his scissor business years ago. The buyer of his company could not train in the ways Jack trained me. I was trained one on one, using magnification and learning proper ways to service various scissors. In the end Jack literally bent the scissors with a hammer closed them tightly on a metal triangular jeweler’s file and handed them to me to restore. After I was done he did it again, worse this time.

My career is well ingrained in the beauty business. I conduct business professionally and am here to provide a great service.

A well cared for scissor will cut hair the way you expect them to cut. Effortless, precise, no hand strain or hair being pushed away as you close them.

It pains me when stylist tell me their scissors are fine as work behind their chair watching their scissors clearly under perform. Customers come seeking professional services and expert haircuts. I bring my customers a professional service.

Contact me today I will come in set up and take the worse pair of scissors in the salon, evaluate them and restore them back to the best possible state they can be.

In some instances there are scissors they are just too damaged to do anything with.

All work is performed at your location. I use a flat hone or vertical machine. Depending on the brand, edge and condition of your scissor I will determine what needs to be done to properly restore the edge. After cleaning, adjusting the tension then test I can minimize removing metal from the edge.

In some cases I restore the ride line, polish the edges by using felt and cotton buffering machine and compounds similar to a Barber using a strop to remove the burr from his razor.

Most of my customers see me only a couple of times a year.

Aggressive inexperienced “grinders” will bevel a convex scissor make the tips pointy then grind down the rubber bumper because they remove too much metal that the tips don’t close properly.

I re-convex by hand expensive convex scissor and reshape the tips and adjust the scissor handle. Work is explained prior to work – All work guaranteed.